Be free, be yourself
You've got to learn to just not give a shit.

Anonymous said: I'v literally fallen in love with your blog! could you follow me back? I'v just followed you

Sure! Thank you :)

  -  3 December

Anonymous said: what are ten things about you that people don't really know about you

Wow ten things are a lot but I’ll try think! 

1. I have 10 dimples 2. I wish I was taller 3. I think guys are sometimes better friends than girls 4. I love and miss snow 5. I get homesick fairly often 6. I used to be a tomboy  7. I have a YouTube crush on Marcus Butler 8. I hate hate hate two-faced people 9. I’m moving back home in May <3 10. I have 6 broken bones- I was a badass kid. 

  -  3 December

Anonymous said: your hair is SO gorgeous. really. tell me your daily routine?

Thank you :* I wash it every morning, towel dry, shake, and that’s it really! 

  -  3 December
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